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International Business Research (IBR) is a study project associated with the University of Groningen.

Meet the Team

During the IBR Project, the team will consist of 30 students; 8 board members, and 24 participating students. The participants will be divided over the two destinations. The participants group will be formed after an extensive selection procedure that takes place in October. Besides, we are advised by the Advisory Board (AB), and the quality of our project is endorsed by the Board of Recommendation (BoR).

Jens Bijl

Bsc Business Administration & Bsc Philosophy

Lisa van Blokland

Bsc International Business

Doris Brasser

Bsc Industrial Engineering and Management

Florence Clercx

Msc International Financial Management

Peebe ten Hoor

Bsc Industrial Engineering and Management

Jamaal Fazli

Msc Finance

Stijn Gieling

Msc Strategic Innovation Management

Anne Glastra

Bsc Business Administration
Marloes Langen

Marloes Langen

Bsc Industrial Engineering and Management

Floris van Lier

Msc Finance

Noud Lubbers

Bsc Industrial Engineering and Management

Jacomijn Manneke

Bsc Business Administration

Mees Mobers

Msc Business Administration and Msc Change Management

Isa Peters

Bsc Business Administration

Luuk Pieters

Bsc Business Administration

Colin van Riessen

Msc Strategic Innovation Management

Floor Steppé

Bsc International Business

Floris Stijweg

Bsc Industrial Engineering and Management

Olaf Verweij

Bsc Business Administration

Julia Visscher

Bsc Business Administration

Marloes ter Horst


Finn McAllister

Vice Chairman & Treasurer

Maarten Oudshoorn

Vice Chairman & Travel Logistics

Eva Roeleveld

Public Relations & Travel Logistics

Emmeline Urlus

External Relations & International Collaborations

Vincent Deliège

External Relations

Joeki Smeekes

External Relations

Thijmen van Olden

External Relations

Dr. K.J. Alsem

Dr. J.C. Hoekstra

Prof. Dr. J. Riezebos

Drs. D.T. Aleven

FoodVentures B.V.

J.T.C. Andriessen


Drs. M.J. Bakkum

NN investment partners

Ir. J.P. Bartelink

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Abuja-Nigeria

T.M. Beckers


Ing. R. Birkhoff

Meyn Food Processing Technology BV

J.W. van Bokhoven

Holland House Colombia

Mrs. R.E. Braak

Rebecca adventure travel

R.J.G. Briene

Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding

R.B. van Buuren

Electude International BV

Drs. I.M. Cabezas

Triodos Investment Management

Ir. F.A.G.M. Claassen


Mr. A.Th.H. Van Dijk

Commissaris van de Koning, Provincie Noord-Holland

Drs. A.B. Dorhout Mees

Royal Vopak NV

Drs. C.J. Esser

Vessel Performance Centre

F.E. Eusman

Heineken International BV

Drs. J.J. Folmer

Upp! UpCycling Plastic BV

Drs. J. Franke

Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland

Drs. G.A. Frankena


Drs. R. Gaanderse

RDG Finance Company

Drs. C.Th.M. van der Helm

KPMG Meijburg & Co

Drs. F.C. Keppels

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

L.J.E. Knierim

Rijk Zwaan

Drs. J.P.G.N. Klooster

Arcadis Nederland BV

M.R. Levöleger


Drs. M.M. Lindemulder

Aegon Asset Management

Dhr. G.A.P. Baal


Q. Lissaur

Voormalig Honorair Consul voor Nederland in Medellín

Drs. E. Van Maasdijk

Nederlandsche Consulaat Ecuador

S.G. Pereira Marques

STC International

Dr. R.P. Plat

Royal IHC

J. Prins

Siemens Energy

Ir. H. Rost van Tonningen

Malmok Vision

Drs. E.E.H. van der Schoot

Kraft Heinz

Mr. E.J. Schouwstra

World Trade Center Noord-Nederland

C.D. Schut


Drs. J.N.M. Sluijsmans

Fietsdiensten.nl / International Cargo Bike Festival

Ir. CEng. P.D. Swart

SeaLeopard Engineering BV

M.V. Valentien


A.P.H. Vergroesen

IRO, The Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Offshore Energy Industry

Drs. E.N. Verschoor

Rotterdam Partners

J.H.W. Verhoeven

Miele Nederland BV

Drs. M. Warburg

Warburg Consult

De Nederlandsche Bank N.V.

K.H.W. Knot - President

Friesland Campina

H.M.A. Schumacher - CEO


Drs. R. Wolberink - Vice President


B.J. Marttin - Managing Board Member Wholesale & Rural

GasTerra B.V.

Drs. A. Krist - CEO

Heineken N.V.

Drs. H.F. Böhm - Managing Director & Drs. M.H. Rijkens - Former Director Asia Pacific

Port of Rotterdam N.V.

Drs. A.S. Castelein - CEO

Randstad N.V.

J.W. van den Broek - CEO

Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V.

Dr. P.A.M. Berdowski - CEO

Royal DSM

F. Sijbesma - CEO & Chairman of the Managing Board

Royal Haskoning DHV

Ir. E. Oostwegel - CEO

Royal Philips N.V.

Drs. F.A. van Houten - CEO

Restaurant Brands International

Drs. J. Cil - Chief Executive Officer


Ir. M. van Loon - President and Director

N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie

J.J. Fennema - Board of Directors

University of Groningen

Prof. Dr. T.N. Wijmenga - Rector Magnificus

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