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With over 273 million inhabitants, Indonesia is the most populous country in South East Asia. The country has the world's fastest growing middle class, with a growing demand for products and services. Prosperity in the country is increasing rapidly. Indonesia has the largest total GDP, sustained economic growth and a rapidly growing GDP per capita, and is one of the leading Asian markets. This makes the country interesting as a large domestic market. Moreover, the country has strong economic and political relations with the Netherlands from its colonial past.

Indonesia is known for its wealth of natural resources. The country is one of the largest producers and exporters of unrefined palm oil, coal and cans. And there are a number of promising sectors such as telecommunications, transportation, energy, water management and engineering, construction, security, the medical and pharmaceutical industry, IT, the chemical industry, retail and franchise companies.

Under president Jokowo and his government, ownership regulations have become less strict and corruption and bureaucracy have declined sharply. At the same time, more and more industries are opening up for foreign investments.

Would you like to pick up on the success of Indonesia and see where opportunities lie for your company or organization? With tailor-made research and over 30 years of experience, IBR would like to map out the possibilities within Indonesia with you.

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