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Silvia Tamai – Head of Marketing Latin America

It was a big pleasure to receive the IBR students to Versuni Brazil. They demonstrated strong commitment, and we conducted weekly meetings on the progress of our Circular Economy project. The students were very bold in choosing a country where the language is not understood, but with their creativity and strategy of partnering with local students, they were able to not only achieve their goal but also add value to our project by bringing relevant consumer insights.

Stork Thermeq B.V.

Gerhard Muggen - International Marketing & Sales Manager

The proactive approach, flexible attitude and professional research of the students were greatly appreciated within our company. The report was very useful and combined with our experience we have used it to enter the Indian market and to see how we will develop our business in this sector.

Kleyn International

Paul J. Overakker - Former CEO

The students were very competent in investigating the chances for export of used commercial vehicles to Brazil. As a result of their research Kleyn can strengthen its leading market position as an independent vendor of used commercial vehicles.


Bas Rekvelt - Senior Investment Officer Syndications

The research, conducted in 2010 in Vietnam, has provided FMO with useful advice that we will use to increase FMO’s influence in the banking sector in Vietnam. The students were very professional, committed, and well prepared which all aided to a pleasant cooperation.


Cees Schut - Senior Sales Manager Export

During several occasions IBR has proven that the research conducted for our company was very detailed and of high quality. Every research report has helped us to make important decisions on whether to enter a market or not. The students are always very focused and some have even started their career at AkzoNobel after the project had finished.

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