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High-tech revolution to improve Indonesia’s industrial competitiveness

Friday, 18th of May 2018

Indonesia is looking to utilise advancements in modern technology to spur growth and improve competitiveness in the industrial sector, with the government unveiling a new plan aimed at increasing manufacturing output.

Launched in early April, the Making Indonesia 4.0 strategy highlights the potential of technological advancements – including the internet of things, artificial intelligence, human-machine interface, 3D printing, and robot and sensor technology – to boost industrial capacity.

Five priority sectors – food and beverages, automotive, textile, electronics and chemicals – have been identified as areas where Indonesia can become a global leader under the roadmap, with manufacturing forecast to account for 21-26% of GDP by 2030, up from 18% in 2016.

The government projects that the increase in manufacturing activity will create some 7m-19m jobs over the next 12 years and add 1-2% to GDP annually through to 2030, lifting average annual growth rates to between 6% and 7%.

Source: Oxford Business Group https://oxfordbusinessgroup.com/news/high-tech-revolution-improve-indonesia%E2%80%99s-industrial-competitiveness (13/12/18)


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