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Mexico plans to build 40 solar power plants and 25 wind plants by 2021

Wednesday, 21st of November 2018

Mexico plans to increase renewable generation during the next three years. According to the Secretary of Energy Pedro J. Coldwell, with three completed auctions, 65 new power plants, 40 solar and 25 wind power plants are expected to be built by 2021. This will represent an investment of US$8.6 billion.

The prices obtained are among the lowest recently in the world, with offers that reached US$17.70 per megawatt hour for the wind and US$19.70 for the solar photovoltaic.

Clean Energy XXi, an organization dedicated to the creation of partnerships for the promotion of renewable energy in Latin America and the Caribbean, highlighted in a statement that in 2015 there were 37 wind farms, and, in 2017, the number increased to 46. By 2021, it is projected that there will be 66. That is to say that the Energy Reform guarantees cleaner electricity, generates jobs and boosts the economy.

In the case of solar, the average growth of installed capacity is of 35%, and Mexico is growing at 110%.

“We have gone from nine parks in 2015 to 23 in 2017, and the auctions we are doing now, the three already carried out, and the fourth on that is under construction, will allow the country to arrive in 2021 to 68,” said the Secretary of Energy in the statement.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the photovoltaic and wind industry are showing a renewed dynamism; the global average in 2016-17 of wind energy growth was 10%. Meanwhile, Mexico is growing at 25%.

Source: Mexico Now; https://mexico-now.com/index.php/article/4843-mexico-plans-to-build-40-solar-and-wind-power-plants-by-2021 (05/12/18)


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