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Subsidy for Frisian companies in the Netherlands

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Recently, the province of Friesland has started to promote international business and has created a subsidy. On the first of november of 2016 the Executive Council of the province has executed their international investment programme via the international business subsidy plan Friesland 2016-2020. The Executive Council has made €1.8 million available for international market development activities and market exploration activities

Subsidies can be approved for the costs of market analysis activities such as market research projects or export plans, as well as costs of market development activities. This subsidy holds for Frisian companies who undertake entrepreneurial activities from sites located in Friesland. These companies can submit a subsidy request to expand their export activities or who want to enlarge the possibilities thereof.

Normally, IBR offers its research at cost price, however Frisian companies can get a discount on an IBR research by applying for this subsidy. By offering this subsidy, the province of Friesland provides an unique chance since companies can get 50 per cent of the cost price subsidized.

The subsidy request can be submitted from the 7th of November 2016 until the 31st of December 2020. Be aware that the subsidy request can take up till 13 weeks. Therefore, we recommend you to start with this process as soon as possible since IBR will leave in April.

Would you like receive more information about the possibilities of doing research or the benefits of this subsidy, please contact us. For more information about the subsidy requirements you could also take a look at: http://www.fryslan.frl/IBFinternationaalondernemen.

Source: Fryslan.frl (23-11-2016)http://www.fryslan.frl/IBFinternationaalondernemen


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