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IFAD will grant US$25 million to support agriculture in Mozambique

Wednesday, 01 February 2017

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) will grant the Mozambican government US$25 million this year to support small farmers in the country in an initiative designed to reaffirm IFAD’s support for more than 2.1 million rural families in Mozambique.

The news was announced yesterday in Maputo by IFAD’s Director-General Kanayo Nwanze at the end of a meeting with Mozambican Prime Minister, Carlos Agostinho do Rosário.

“IFAD’s governing body decided in December to disburse US$25 million to Mozambique to support the fight against poverty,” IFAD’s Director-General said. IFAD started operations in 1983, and has made available more than US$400 million to finance 12 programs.

The body’s main objective is to increase access for small-scale producers and artisanal fishers to production technologies and resources, profit-generating markets, and adequate and sustainable financial services.

Nwanze told the prime minister that the institution he directs was engaged in agrarian development in Mozambique, especially in aquaculture, promotion of rural markets, artisanal fishing and agrarian extension, as well as in leveraging the value chain in the Maputo and Limpopo corridors, the latter in the southern province of Gaza.

“The prime minister welcomed the six programs out of a total of 12 in Mozambique, and believes that it is possible to end poverty in the country, since the government is also determined to find solutions to that effect,” he said.

Nwanze, who started a visit to the country yesterday, also defends the need to invest in rural areas as a way of maintaining food security, already threatened by adverse climate events such as floods and droughts.

Nwanze emphasized that the IFAD projects in the country are in line with the purposes of the institution, and that, during his visit, he would be making contact with small beneficiary producers to discuss with them the impact of the projects on their means of subsistence.

Nwanze, who will officially open the IFAD office in Mozambique today, ends his visit to the country on Wednesday. He is then expected to travel to Malawi to monitor the impact of climate change there.

Source: AIM Moçambique (2017, 31-01-2017).http://clubofmozambique.com/news/ifad-will-grant-us25-million-support-agriculture-mozambique/


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