Local Student Consultant Project

The Local Student Consultant Project is a unique aspect of IBR which involves a cooperation between our researchers of the University of Groningen and students of a local university. The goal of this project is to deliver additional value to the conducted research projects. This is created with the knowledge of our researchers combined with that of local students. Especially, their knowledge in doing business in the destination country, overcoming cultural differences, as well as overcoming language barriers are valuable contributions.

The Local Student Consultant Project is established in the following manner. Every research pair, consisting of two Dutch students, is coupled with one local student. The local student will support the research pair during the preliminary research as well as the field research. During the preliminary research in the Netherlands, local students will spent approximately two hours on the research per week. Their contribution will mainly consist of arranging appointments on site. Besides, intensive contact about the progress of the research will be maintained.
In April our researchers will travel to the country of destination to conduct field research. During these five weeks, the local students will spend approximately ten hours per week on the field research. They not only support our researchers in establishing contacts in the country of destination, they also accompany them the appointments where they may function as interpreters.

For the local students, IBR is a valuable addition to their CV in which they gain relevant research experience that creates new and international contacts. For your company, the Local Student Consultant Project provides local input and the support by local students in reaching the right contacts. This makes the Local Student Consultant Project a unique component of IBR with high added value for the conducted research.



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