IBR's team

During the IBR project, the team will consist of 42 students; 10 board members, and 32 participating students. The participants will be divided over the two destinations. There is a board of 5 students and a group of 16 participating students for each destination. The participants group will be formed after an extensive selection procedure that takes place in October. Besides, we are advised by the Advisory Board (AB), and the quality of our project is endorsed by the Board of Recommendation (BoR).

  • Anne Floor Brinkman
    Anne Floor Brinkman

    External Relations

  • Dr. B.J.W. Pennink
    Dr. B.J.W. Pennink
  • Dr. K.J. Alsem
    Dr. K.J. Alsem
  • Drs. M.M. Kroese
    Drs. M.M. Kroese
  • Heleen Fortuin
    Heleen Fortuin

    Vice Chairman & Travel Logistics

  • Maarten Kempenaar
    Maarten Kempenaar

    External Relations

  • Maarten Rikkert
    Maarten Rikkert

    Public Relations & Travel Logistics

  • Niels van de Graaf
    Niels van de Graaf

    Vice Chairman & Treasurer

  • Pieter Merckens
    Pieter Merckens


  • Thomas van Zundert
    Thomas van Zundert

    External Relations


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E-mail: info@ibrgroningen.nl

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