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Research at International Business Research Groningen

International Business Research (IBR) is a study project associated with the University of Groningen, set up and executed by students from the Faculty of Economics and Business.

IBR focuses on Dutch companies that recognize opportunities and want to exploit these in the growing markets of Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. We offer tailor-made research with an economic and business approach against cost price. These can vary from a general market analysis to a detailed partner analysis. Additionally, we can bring you into contact with relevant parties. Local students support the Dutch students to reach the right contacts.

For 30 years, we have provided advice to a wide range and variety of companies in taking market entry decisions and in exploiting opportunities in the respective country. In the general preparation phase, together with your company we will elaborate on these objectives. By doing so, we provide your company with a refreshing, innovative and unbiased look at company-specific research cases abroad. Are you interested in what IBR can do for you?


Nettelbosje 2, 9747 AE, Groningen, The Netherlands


IBR Malaysia & Vietnam: 
+31(0)50 - 363 3167

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